Double Bolt Lock

  • A typical application is where the electrical and pneumatic supplies to the machine are switched on and the access doors of the Hazardous area are locked close.
  • In a situation when machine power is ON and process is in operation.
  • The Key A is in the key cabinet. Key B is trapped in the power switch Interlock.
  • Key C is trapped in Interlock of Access Doors to the hazardous area.
  • To enter the Hazardous Area first Power is switched OFF as per the following sequence.
  • Insert Key A in the power switch lock and shift Power switch to Locked OFF position.
  • Remove Key B and insert Key B in the Access door lock allowing door to open.
  • Remove Key C allowing door to remain open.
  • To restart system complete operation is to be reversed

Salient Features of The Double Bolt Lock:-

  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel (SS 316).
  • Robust, reliable and simple design with minimum parts.
  • Easy and hassle free operation.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Ergonomic key position.
  • Trapped Linear key Concept.
  • Uniquely coded keys for safety of system.
  • Key codes are recorded, for easy replacement and to avoid use of duplicate keys.
  • Spare keys and Master keys are available on the request of customer.