Single Bolt Lock

  • The Bolt Interlocks are used as a part of a safety system to allow safe control of valves, Hatches Access Doors or to turn ON or OFF Power switches etc.
  • Typical Situation is when Machine is in operation in a hazardous area.
  • The access doors to the hazardous area are to remain locked closed, while the power switch to the system is ON. A Key is trapped in the Switch Bolt Interlock while the process is ON.
  • To enter the hazardous Area, the Switch has to be turned OFF and only then the Key is released and thereby locking the Switch in OFF position. The Key is then taken to the Interlock fitted on the hazardous Door Area.
  • The Key is inserted in the second lock which retracts the bolt enabling the operator to open the hatches.
  • To Re-start the system the complete operation has to be reversed.

Salient Features of Single Bolt Lock:-

  • Manufactured from Stainless Steel (SS 316).
  • Robust, reliable and simple design with minimum parts.
  • Easy and hassle free operation.
  • Maintenance free.
  • Ergonomic key position.
  • Trapped Linear key Concept.
  • Uniquely coded keys for safety of system.
  • Key codes are recorded, for easy replacement and to avoid use of duplicate keys.
  • Spare keys and Master keys are available on the request of customer.