Tank Discharge

When discharging storage tanks in Petrochemical or Chemical plants there is often a hazard of mixing two or more chemicals if one forgets to close a discharge valve before opening another. This can lead to product degradation or more serious and dangerous chemical reaction.

During normal operation only one tank should be opened at the same time.To prevent opening more than one valve at the same time aPSS valve Interlock can be installed on each individual valve leaving them all "Locked Closed"position to be operated with the same key. This key can be stored in a key cabinet in the control room.

General Application

  • On shore and Offshore Oil & Gas process plants
  • Refineries
  • Gas distribution networks / Pipe lines
  • Oil and gas Loading jetties and storage stations
  • Tank farms
  • Railways tankers and filling depots.
  • Pipeline pigging systems
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Water processing and Distribution
  • Waste disposal
  • Nuclear Power plants
  • Pulp and paper Industry
  • Flare systems
  • Valve Systems
  • Safety Relief Systems
  • Tanker Loading
  • Ethylene Furnaces
  • Co2 Deluge Systems
  • Boiler Bottom Blow Down
  • Pig Traps
  • Reactors / Pressure Vassels
  • Critical Work Area Locking Systems