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In various process plants, refineries, Power plants, steel plants, tank farms, offshore oil and gas installations etc., where hazardous operations are being done continuously, the design engineering for such works is done in a way that critical operations are carried out with correct sequence and safety procedures. Although Plant Operators are instructed to follow safety procedures to the "book." human errors do occur when operators make mistakes in carrying out the instructions/ procedures, due to fatigue, distraction, stress, illness and one or other unforeseen circumstances.

This type of error can turn out to be of catastrophic consequences resulting in damage to the plant equipment, human life and consequential losses due to stoppage of production in the plant. In order to eliminate such safety hazard, designers look for innovative systems which will effectively overcome the human error and ensure all the operations are carried out in sequence as per design and pre-determined strategy. Mechanical Interlocking safety systems are innovative approaches to help eliminate human error in the complicated process piping loops where multi valves are placed in the piping network. Valve interlocking systems are already used globally and adopted in the design by the equipment designers. Interlocking systems are very important component of safety consciousness in process plants

The Interlock

Safety cannot be left to chance. A system has to be a fail- safe design which will take care of any situations which could trigger a failure and result in a major accident. PSS has considered this as basic principle of safety and designed the systems accordingly.

In Process plants where Oil, Gas or any other fluid media passes through critical process phase, various type of valves are deployed in loops so that opening and closing sequence of valves due to controlled operational requirement is carried out with the purpose of accident prevention.

PSS Trapped Linear Key concept (Simple Reliable and Effective)

Intelligent trapped linear key concepts, wherein keys are individually coded. Locks can be opened and closed in pre-determined sequential removal and insertion of coded linear keys so that a particular key fits only in the designated key slot of the corresponding lock.

The linear key concept makes it easier for operator to open or close the lock in one pull or push. There is no turning of keys as is the case in normal pad locks. PSS systems are robust and strong.